litespeed server

LiteSpeed is one of the faster web servers in the industry. The biggest difference between LiteSpeed Web Server and Apache (the web server we was usin before) is in the design of their architecture. Apache is process-based — it creates a new process or thread for every connection. Creating these processes requires a lot of overhead.

LiteSpeed Web Server is event-driven, which means it serves all connections on a few processes, saving resources. This efficient method of serving connections means you can serve many more connections, at a much higher rate. LiteSpeed is asynchronous. Asynchronous I/O is a form of input/output processing that permits other processing to begin before a transmission has finished, cutting latency.

Faster PHP: PHP processes are started by using a fork() system call, instead of starting a brand new PHP process. This is much faster and allows users to effectively utilize opcode caching, while preserving the separation necessary for shared hosting.

High Performance Static Content: LiteSpeed Web Server’s event-driven architecture allows it to handle static requests much faster than Apache — up to 10x faster at high traffic volumes.

High Performance Dynamic Content: LiteSpeed’s exclusive server API, LSAPI, handles web applications much more efficiently than other APIs, resulting in PHP web applications that run up to 50% faster than with Apache.

SSL Acceleration: LiteSpeed Web Server uses SSL acceleration to deliver HTTPS pages up to three times faster than Apache.

HTTP/3 + QUIC  support: HTTP/3 is the newest version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, formerly referred to as “HTTP over QUIC,” and is the successor to HTTP/2. QUIC was originally a Google effort to improve HTTP/2 by transporting it encrypted over UDP. In 2016, the IETF began working to standardize the protocol. Part of that process involved splitting QUIC into the transport protocol (QUIC) and the application protocol (HTTP/3).

LiteSpeed webserver (LSWS) is a web server with excellent preformance compared to other web servers and can replace Apache without having to change configuration files. Meaning basically anything running on Apache web server will also work on LiteSpeed web server without having to make any changes. Clients using WordPress and Magento on our LiteSpeed web servers tells us they are very satisfied with improved performance compared to our Apache web servers, as well as other scripts using PHP will have increased performance.

LiteSpeed web server is the fourth most popular web server on the web and was the first commercial web server. Here are some of the benefits of chosing a LiteSpeed web server instead of Apache:

  • Static content is served up to 5x times faster than Apache.
  • Dynamic content is served up to 40x times faster than Apache.
  • HTTPS 3x faster than Apache.
  • Uses less of the servers resources which makes it longer until CloudLinuxs limits is reached.
  • Supports HTTPS/2 and SPDY.
  • Suppoerts QUIC (HTTP/3)
  • Supports LiteSpeed’s cache plugin for WordPress

All customers with Medium and Premium web hosting can be transferred from/to Lite Speed web server (free of charge). Please contact support if you would like us to transfer your web hosting. 
Start web hosting does not have access to LiteSpeed web server.